Gdansk Group Trip – Day 2 (Loft Bar)


Located at ul. Młyńska 15, this is a bar that I haven’t been to before and it specialises in beer and burgers, a combination that I find most agreeable. As we were walking towards the bar, I can’t say that it initially appeared to be the most appealing visually. But first impressions can be deceptive and the on-line reviews were very positive.


The beer list was chalked up on the board on the right and the burger menu in the centre. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect given the exterior, it had been referred to as a nightclub in some places on-line, but it transpired to be an open, inviting and comfortable bar.


I have to admit that we were tempted by this, but at the time we were waiting for Bev and Susanna to arrive later in the evening and we were dining with them. It transpired they managed to miss their flight so didn’t end up arriving until after midnight, but let’s not dwell on that. Well, maybe for a few more days actually. I had a look at the photos on-line of their burgers and I don’t think that we would have been disappointed with them.


I went for the ‘May the Sun Shine’ from the formidable PINTA brewery, a nice citrus flavoured pale ale. It’s quite hot here in Gdansk at the moment, not that I’ve complained about that much, so this made the drink feel even more refreshing. Ross went for the Holba pils, which I think is Czech, which he seemed to find entirely agreeable.


The old cinema seats added to the whole ambience. The Heineken branding a little less so.


This was a much more intriguing bar than I had expected it to be, the food menu was keenly priced and as I mentioned earlier, the venue itself is very well reviewed on-line. I liked the slightly quirky edge to the arrangements here and the service was immediate and engaging, with everything feeling clean and organised. I’d happily return here and it seems that they change the beer line-up on a regular basis.