Gdansk Group Trip – Day 4 (Under Beer Again)


My second visit to Under Beer of the week, I won’t add much to what I’ve written numerous times before about this excellent bar.


One of the reasons I’ve returned here yet again, this time traipsing the whole group along, is that they have Funky Fluid cans in the fridges that I usually haven’t had before. Viola is part of their ice cream sour series, this time with blueberries, plums, raspberries, marshmallow and vanilla, an intriguing combination. It was very decent, but it didn’t quite have the creaminess and smoothness that some others in the series have.


However, the Triple Gelato Berries and Cream absolutely surprised and delighted me. It was creamy, rich in taste, fruity by smell, packed with flavours of blackcurrants, raspberries and some sweetness from the marshmallow. A beautiful beer and Bev was so surprised and delighted when she tried it that she excitedly ordered one to herself. Bev was slightly less surprised and delighted when it transpired that I had purchased the last one. I think I’ve done sufficiently well at selling Funky Fluid beers though, with Richard and Bev at least being keen to try them.


I wasn’t eating as I was still content with the hot dog and beer at the football, but Richard went for a cheese salad thing.


Ross enjoyed his pizza, but Bev wasn’t happy as her bagel didn’t have a proper hole in it. I did offer to create a hole if that would help, but apparently not. As usual here, the service was friendly, personable and engaging, with the team members managing to sort out the payments despite our group being quite demanding. I didn’t say anything of course, I had already paid and so I waited outside only slightly impatiently.

We didn’t linger for too long in the bar as they were showing Eurovision, and I didn’t much fancy sitting staring at the screens of that nonsense for very long. Richard would have probably sat there and watched it all night, but I was far too social for that, I felt the need to get to another bar so that we could discuss important matters in the world. Or matters important to me anyway. Another positive visit to this bar though, all rather lovely.