Gdansk Group Trip – Day 4 (Train from Gdynia Redłowo into Gdansk)


I had wondered how easy it would be to get back into Gdansk after watching the football in Gdynia, but fortunately it’s a short walk to Gdynia Redłowo which is part of the SKM line. The station was quite busy, but most people were heading back into Gdynia, meaning that the platform into Gdansk wasn’t too busy. The signage here is clear and explains how long it takes to get to the stations further along the line.


The police marching onto the station for reasons I didn’t uncover and thought best not to get too closely involved with. There was a little bit of a queue for the ticket machine and I’m always slightly nervous when there are ten people behind me in the queue and I’m using the machine I’m not used to. Fortunately, all went well, and I don’t think I held anyone up. Ticket prices were cheap, something like £1 or so.


It’s a bit clunky as a train, but it does the job well enough. It reminds of the Pacer trains that Northern were using until relatively recently.


Into Gdansk around an hour after we left the football ground. This is Gdansk’s railway station and, interestingly, it is similar to the railway station at Colmar station in France, these were two locations in the German Empire at the time of their construction in the late nineteenth century. Unusually for Poland, the renovations and modernisation to this railway station seem quite overdue as they’ve been doing them for years and I’m not sure when the final completion date is planned for. It is the biggest investment that PKP, the national rail provider, have yet made so I’m assuming it’ll be all rather impressive when it’s finished.