Gdansk Group Trip – Day 1 (Under Beer)


Although hunting for bars that I haven’t been to before, one of my favourite locations in Gdansk is Under Beer and I felt the need to pay it a quick visit since I was nearby. As I’ve visited before, I won’t add much here, but this repeat visit didn’t disappoint.


I was delighted to see a beer from Funky Fluid’s Gelato series that I haven’t had before, this one is Dekadent Banana Parfait brewed in conjunction with Pühaste Brewery of Tartu in Estonia. It’s an ice cream sour (and can there be a more summery drink?) with a fruity aroma which has the flavour of banana and lime running through it, without it having an artificial edge. And any beer with the word decadent in its title is of course worth trying. A beautiful beer, I’m positively excited to visit Warsaw Beer Festival to continue to work through whatever delights Funky Fluid come up with next.

Ross had some lager, but he had forgotten what it was called by the time he arrived at the table, although I’m sure it was delicious…. I suspect I might be back here later on in the week with the rest of the group.