Gdansk – Kobza Haus

For the first time I’ve been here, Gdansk feels busy and that’s also noticeable with the increased hotel prices. Some of this seems to be couples coming to the city a week early for Valentine’s Day, and I’ve heard now several English speaking couples, the first I’ve noticed after my few weeks here. Despite the increased room rates, I was able to get a single room at the centrally located Kobza Haus for £25, which I thought was reasonable. The single rooms are often the last to go, which makes them quite price competitive. I decided not to pay extra for the breakfast on this occasion, as it was around £10 which seemed a little excessive to me.

The bed is wider than the photo suggests, as indeed was the room in general. This room is on the top floor, so high up that the lift doesn’t even reach there. It was clean and comfortable (the room, not the lift), with the wi-fi being fast, which is handy for my photo back-up to the Cloud that I’ve got behind on. The window arrangement was odd as it took all of my six foot of height to be able to open one of the windows, although perhaps they didn’t want guests fiddling with their set-up.

This seems mean-spirited to me, although didn’t impact me as I was only there for one night. This reminds me to comment that I’m not sure that I entirely understand the decision of hotel chains such as Accor who are currently offering £8 off every stay. That means if I stay for one night I’ll get £8 off, a free welcome drink and a welcome gift, whereas if I stay for five nights I’ll get exactly the same. I would have been disappointed to have been promised tea and coffee facilities during a stay which actually meant “tea and coffee just for the first night”. Anyway, my annoyance is for other customers on this occasion.

There were a few minor internal noise disturbances, but nothing from outside, so all was well. In terms of location this is ideal for anyone visiting Gdansk, and it’s a clean and comfortable option with friendly staff. But buy your own tea and coffee……