Sopot – La Crema d’Italia Cafe

After my little meander to Sopot, this is where I thought that I’d pop for lunch, which I think is the best rated cafe in the city, La Crema d’Italia Cafe.

It was empty when I came in, although numerous customers came in afterwards so I didn’t feel entirely alone. The staff member put some music on to add a little to the atmosphere as it did feel quite quiet and the ambience was all rather pleasant. There’s nothing wrong particularly with the interior decor, but it didn’t feel quite as warm and cosy as some other cafes.

The latte and a cannoli, nicely presented with the little garnish of orange. I thought that both elements were entirely decent, but there wasn’t quite the depth of flavour that I was expecting from either the pastry or from the coffee. The exterior of the cannoli was soft rather than crispy, which isn’t how I’ve usually experienced it, and the filling didn’t have quite the decadent edge that I hoped for. There was some Lavazza branding all over the place and it’s perhaps this that made me think that the coffee tasted the same as it does in JD Wetherspoons. Nonetheless, it was all pleasant enough and was a comfortable environment.

Price-wise, this is towards the higher end of the scale, but the service was friendly and attentive throughout. The downstairs toilet isn’t shall we say accessible by anyone who doesn’t like tight circular staircases and the lock on the door didn’t work either. Fortunately, since I was the only customer in the cafe at the time, this wasn’t a concern, but it’s not an ideal arrangement. I’d put this cafe in the category of being perfectly reasonable, but it didn’t surprise and delight me beyond that.