Gdansk Group Trip – Day 1 (Farina Pizza)


Ahead of the mass of people arriving tomorrow, Ross and I went out for a peaceful pizza at Farina, located at ul. Szeroka 89.


The drinks menu and I had been attracted here by the effort they make with their bottled beer selection. They do have a beer which seems to have been brewed for the restaurant but I couldn’t find it on Untappd and so I decided it couldn’t possibly exist at all.


And the pizza menu. Prices in Poland have been rising like everywhere else, but they remain reasonable (divide by five for the approximate UK price).


There was an air of Italian authenticity to the internal design, or at least, as much as you can realistically get in Gdansk. Clean, comfortable and quiet since we were visiting in the late afternoon.


The Czarny Bez from Amber Valley, a lager cut with elderflower syrup which gave it quite a pleasant floral feel to it.


The n’duja pizza, suitably delicious with leopard spotting to the edges. The N’duja had its usual spicy edge complemented by the creamy mascarpone along with a deluge of greenery on top.

All was well with the on-line reviews with very little negativity, although they picked up a ridiculous 1 star review a few months ago, with someone commenting:

“They took money from the child for the toilet”

I liked the owner’s response which I think is reasonable given that public toilets aren’t free in Gdansk (well, the ones in shopping centres are, which is always handy).

“Write the truth . not from a child, but from you. you asked if you could use and we informed that the toilet is for customers. otherwise it is payable. 50 m away is public toilet, also paid.”

Anyway, I digress. Given their positive reviews, I had high expectations of this pizza restaurant and I wasn’t let down by the service, food or the atmosphere. All rather lovely.