Gdansk Group Trip – Day 1 (Bus Journey to City Centre with Sam North of Youtube Footy Adventures)


After having ninety minutes of sleep on board the aircraft, I decided I was good for the rest of the day in that regard so it was just the bus journey into the city centre to manage in the morning. We were in the queue to buy tickets from the machine when the bus came and promptly left again, but they’re every half an hour so the wait didn’t feel too onerous.


Then Ross, who knows nearly everything football related, noticed Sam North of Footy Adventures and very bravely for him went and introduced himself. I’ve now added Footy Adventures to my YouTube subscribed list and he is a very friendly guy, I like his ideas to come out and make 24 hour videos of cities around Europe. Travel content is always exciting to me and I think Ross is particularly engaged with football travel content. Hopefully he wasn’t entirely bored about my riveting travel stories from around the world and I just know that he’s going to enjoy Gdansk.


I navigated Sam to the city’s main street and let him get on with his adventure and he was initially off looking for coffee which didn’t seem a bad idea at all. It all added a touch of glamour to the proceedings although Ross and I decided not to appear in the YouTube video as I don’t like being filmed so I wouldn’t have watched it back anyway. But here’s a photo instead.

With that, I walked Ross and I in a slightly circuitous route to the hotel and I’m pleased to note that not only did they give me a room with free early check-in, but Ross was also able to check in early to his room as well. I’ve been busy doing work whilst Ross has been sleeping, but I guess we can’t all be tough travellers. It’s all been a suitably exciting day today, we’ll be on the hunt for pizza and beer shortly, those staples of the Gdansk food and drink scene.