Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport – Executive Lounge

I’m not entirely sure of the official name here, but I think it’s just ‘Executive Lounge’, so we’ll go with that. It’s the only lounge in Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport, so it’s not a confusing arrangement. It’s only around one minute walk from security and it’s near to most of the gates, with the signage being reasonably clear.

There was only one staff member visible as it was quiet, and she was welcoming the occasional entrant in a friendly manner, as well as filling up the food and drink supplies.

As can be seen, not a packed lounge in terms of the number of customers. There were a few power points dotted around, although not really enough, and the lounge uses the airport wi-fi which isn’t of a very high standard. Not an ideal arrangement in either case.

The view back down onto the concourse, with the queue to for check-in for my flight still visible to me. I was pleased not to be at the back of that queue.

The drinks selection. There were signs on the fridge saying that staff had to serve the food and drink, but the staff member told me that I could just get whatever I wanted myself. Covid regulations seem to be tailing off quite quickly at the moment and since it was quiet it made more sense for the customers to help themselves.

Some of the food selection, which is mostly snack based.

Always a positive sign I think to see a local beer, Jasne from Brovarnia Gdansk. It was an unexceptional lager, but it’s local and hard to find anywhere else, so an effort has been made and so I approve.

There wasn’t much else in the way of the food, but this salami and salad roll was quite tasty.

I gained entry into the lounge via my credit card which gives me two free lounge accesses per year, but otherwise it would be £20 to get in. I’m not sure that there’s much value there, unless someone wanted to drink a lot of alcohol quite quickly I suppose. However, I liked the lounge and it was peaceful and quiet. There could perhaps be more power points and the lounge really needs its own wi-fi that works properly, but the arrangement seemed organised and I was pleased to have visited.