Gdansk – 210 Bus to Airport from City Centre

Many cities around the world treat passengers coming in on airlines as this money making opportunity from the moment they get off the aircraft, with dodgy taxi arrangements and expensive public transport from the airport. Glorious Gdansk, as ever, does none of that. The 210 bus goes from the airport to the city centre (and of course back again) and costs 3.8zł, or about 70p, for the journey. The 110 bus also goes into the city, but stops at Galeria Bałtycka (or Gdańsk Wrzeszcz to be precise, but I tend to remember things by shopping centres and their food courts) which then requires a walk/tram/bus/train into the Old Town of Gdansk.

The bus back to the airport goes from opposite the central railway station, or at this spot near to Forum Gdańsk. There’s not normally more of a 15 minute wait between buses and the times are clearly displayed. There’s a 24-hour service, although the night time version of the 110 and 210 buses is the N3 service.

Spacious inside and it’s easiest just to buy tickets from the machine by the bus stop, which are available in English and Polish to avoid any purchasing mistakes. They accept card and cash. But it is essential to validate the ticket on boarding, not that I’ve ever been asked to show my ticket in Gdansk.

The journey takes 45 minutes to get from the centre of Gdansk to the airport.

Taken at roughly the same place at the airport, it was a little colder when I arrived into Gdansk a couple of weeks ago…..

And here we are, back at the delights of Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport.