Gdansk – Memorial to Murdered Scouts During the Second World War

I don’t have much to add about this memorial in Gdansk, other than I think it’s a really appealing design to make its appearance look like a tree stump. It’s here to commemorate the lives of those scouts and their leaders who were killed during the Second World War, many of whom were murdered as the organised ranks were considered a threat to the new German regime.

One of those murdered was Alfa Liczmański who was the co-organiser of the scouting movement in the city, which in 1939 had 2,000 members. He was arrested soon after the Free City of Danzig was seized and was imprisoned locally before being taken to the concentration camp in Stutthof, located around 35 miles from the city. He was executed by the Germans on 20 March 1940, although his body was exhumed after the war and his remains moved to Cmentarz Srebrzysko.

The memorial was unveiled in 2003 and there’s more information about the movement at