Gdansk Group Trip – Day 5 (Chleb i Wino)


My lunchtime restaurant of choice for the group was Chleb i Wino and I was even willing to sit outside as I suspected that it might be quite busy. To my delight, the outside area was full but they were able to find us a table for six of us indoors. At least that meant I wasn’t at risking of being attacked by a wasp or having cigarette smoke wafting over the table.


Not being a Belgian beer expert, I must admit to not having heard of the Grimbergen brewery, but I liked this idea of tasting three different beers from their range. The Dubbel (the darker one in the photo) was the pick of the bunch for me, a pleasant aftertaste and a beer that I’d willing order again. The other two in the tasters range were the Blonde and Blanche beers.


I have a separate video of the whole matter, more of which in a later post, but Bev managed to have another crisis. She was playing about with the beers and managed to jam one of the glasses into the wooden holder. The helpful server tried to free it, but eventually he had to return it all to the bar to fix the problem. He brought just the glass back, he clearly and correctly didn’t trust Bev not to jam it right back in to its wooden holder. I didn’t say anything of course, I let the server deal with the matter as he is clearly trained in handling difficult customers.


The Caesar salad, which doesn’t look great in this photo, but it tasted much better with plenty of chicken although it was lacking in any dressing. However, it sufficed my needs as it’s one of my favourite dishes and the ingredients seemed to be of a high quality.


Don’t ask.


Steve getting ready to list his beers on Untappd, which is one of the main reasons for going out if you ask me.


And they had a Banoffee dessert and this was much better than I had expected, loaded with toffee and banana, very delicious. Richard was particularly excited by this as he’s from the Eastbourne area and the dessert originated in Jevington in the 1970s, a location which we’ve walked on numerous occasions over the years. The dessert was served at the Hungry Monk in the village, but sadly that restaurant has now gone and has been turned into housing.

The restaurant wasn’t keen on splitting the bill, but it was busy and they just wanted us out because there was a queue of people waiting to get in, so Ross resolved the situation in a very mature manner. The service was always polite, even when Bev caused issues, with everything feel well managed and efficient. It’s a very well-reviewed outlet, and they have a couple of others in the city, with a variety of mostly Italian dishes and I’ll merrily visit here again.