Gdansk – Pułapka

I’m pleased to see that the number of craft beer bars in Gdansk is continuing to grow, a trend that will no doubt continue as it has in so many other cities. This is a bar that I haven’t been to before on previous visits, although it has been trading for a number of years.

Not the clearest of photos unfortunately, but there was a decent range of different beer types and they were all clearly displayed.

This is the Willy Tonka 2020 milk stout from Browar Monsters, which is one of the best of this type of beer that I’ve had. The flavours aren’t immediately obvious, but there are pleasant aftertastes to the beer which I assume are from the tonka beans which its named after. There’s also a taste of coffee and it was all rather moreish. Incidentally, I was impressed that around 30 seconds after I added this beer to my Untappd news feed that the brewery acknowledged it.

The bar’s interior, all very on-trend, but also clean and comfortable. The service was friendly, engaging and polite throughout, the bar had one of those relaxed vibes which can tempt customers to stay longer. Although that seems deliberate, the word Pułapka means trap, so the patrons can be kept in for longer. The staff member behind the bar was attentive to all customers and it seemed to be primarily locals, with the occasional tourist coming in from time to time.

It’s not far to walk here from the city centre, but it’s sufficiently tucked away to give it that quiet and detached feel and it’s well worth a little visit.