Gdansk Group Trip – Day 5 (Whiskey in the Jar Visit Gone a Bit Wrong)

I’m having to reuse a photo from when I visited Whiskey in the Jar on my own last year, as our group visit here this year didn’t work out. It’s a small national chain and I’ve visited nearly all of their locations as they are usually a reliable venue. I particularly like their Warsaw outlet which I’ve visited a couple of times before. Since my last visit, they have moved to new premises in Gdansk near to their previous one and it looked contemporary and modern when we went in.

They were unfortunately all over the place this time if I’m being honest. The greeter said that they couldn’t split the bill but they could accept a single payment across card and cash. Then another staff member came over and said that was wrong and the venue only accepted all cash or all card payments, although perhaps there were some translation issues here as that seemed a bit odd to me. The only option we had, as some of our group only had cash, was either to leave or to sit across two tables where we paid cash on one and card on the other. The latter seemed sub-optimal to say the least, so we unfortunately had to leave. Disappointing, perhaps it was just a one-off, but the staff seemed to be trying their best to help. But I still like them and I’m sure that we would have enjoyed the food and drink though, it has always been decent before.