Warsaw – Whiskey in the Jar

I visited the Łódź location of this small Polish chain a few years ago, and noticed that there is now one in Warsaw which is very well reviewed. Since it was near the hotel where we were staying it seemed a suitable place to visit for my birthday and the menu looked sufficiently interesting. There was a friendly welcome from the English speaking staff member and we were shown to a table which was located in an area which was lively, but without the music being too loud.

Photos of the interior decor in this large venue, which was busy during our visit and there were few tables free by the time that we left. Reservations are clearly recommended here, particularly at weekends. It seems to be an on-trend location, with most of the customer base being younger, although I’m fairly sure that the welcome would be authentic for all diners.

There’s a wide range of drinks, but the jars seemed the most intriguing so I firstly went for the My Thai Jar which had Bols Amaretto, Jim Beam Bourbon, mango puree, lemon, chilli, ginger and sugar syrup, with the presentation of this being suitably decadent. I moved the chillies onto my food, although I discovered there were some in the drink which gave it some extra spice.

The Major Jar, which had Campari, Jim Beam Bourbon, orange, mango puree, Sweet & Sour mix and sugar syrup. I preferred my first jar to this one, but it was still very drinkable, although perhaps just a bit too sweet.

The Beef Master Burger which is in a sepia dyed bun with 180g of burger, sliced beef sirloin, lettuce, pickle, marinated onion, rocket and a mayonnaise sauce, along with a portion of chips and pot of ketchup. The burger was really quite decadent, rich and meaty in flavour with a depth of taste. The key items on the menu are steaks, burgers and ribs, although there are some vegetarian and other options, but judging by the reviews, most diners are going there for the steaks and burgers. The meat that the restaurant used is cured for 60 days to add flavour, and I can believe that given the depth of the taste.

The service was always polite and efficient, although the staff didn’t really push any sales and it took a little longer than expected to get the bill, although nothing excessive. The prices are towards the higher end of the scale for Poland, but very reasonable by British standards, with the two drinks and meal costing £20. It’s all on-trend, friendly, clean and organised, with some care taken with the presentation of the food and drink. I can imagine that further restaurants, beyond the six that they already have, will be opened by this chain over the next few years given the popularity they’re currently experiencing.