Gdansk – Willa Fahrenheita

For my final three days in Gdansk I stayed at the two-star Willa Fahrenheita. It’s about a twenty-minute walk to the city centre, but there’s a tram setup nearby meaning both Sopot and central Gdansk are easily accessible.

The hotel reception isn’t always open, but there’s a number that can be called. They have a system of not using keycards or keys, but instead relying on numerical entry pads for the main door and the room, something which I prefer (I don’t have to wait at reception at hand them back….).

Nice welcome snack and drink, always a lovely little touch. The man at check-in was also particularly friendly, making a real effort to give a positive first impression, which he certainly managed to do. I was also checking-in slightly earlier than the usual hours, so his efforts were much appreciated.

The room had a pleasant balcony, although the view wasn’t spectacular, I had hoped to see The Hanging Gardens of Babylon or herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically across the plain.

The room was clean and comfortable, I quite liked the little sofa which overlooked the balcony area. I did find that the housekeeping hours were rather erratic, but given the price, I thought that it was overall a very acceptable stay. It was also quiet, it’s tucked away down a back street set back from the road, so it’s unlikely that anyone would be disturbed by external noise.