Gdansk Group Trip – Day 1 (Game Over)


Game Over is a new venue to me, somewhere that I’m not sure I had been aware of before, but it’s located just around the corner from Under Beer.


A bright and modern bar. The service was polite and efficient, with the atmosphere feeling warm and inviting even though we were the only customers.


A mural, with one of this bar’s USPs being the range of board games that they’ve got behind the bar which customers can play.


The blackboards are for shots and cocktails rather than beers, with the whole arrangement having something of a younger vibe. I can imagine that this is busy and rather more vibrant on a weekend evening.


The beer fridge. This is what is a little disappointing with so many bars in the UK, as any pub (if it’s not tied anyway….) can offer a selection of craft beers by just having a fridge in the corner. The best before dates are usually relatively lengthy and it allows a pub to have a wider offering than they might otherwise have. I was pleased, as ever, to see more Funky Fluid beers and there were plenty of tempting options here.


I was pleased with this, the Mello Jell-Oh from Browar Birbant from Zielona Góra. I’ve had their Fruitness and HBC GO beers before, they’re a classy brewery with a strong selection of sours and IPAs. The beer is a pastry sour and I thought it had notes of nectarine and mango, although it’s actually got nectarine, passion fruit and guava, but that’s near enough. Ross once again had some lager that he forgot the name of before he got back to the table. It’s perhaps fortunate that Ross isn’t on Untappd.

The gaming element here wasn’t quite what I expected, although that wasn’t the main reason for going or indeed any part of the reason. There was no video gaming element, it was primarily board game based, and we didn’t have time to faff about with that. It’s a comfortable place to have a drink even though there are limited draft options, but I was sold on the canned selection so that worked out. The mezzanine level gives views over the bar and there’s plenty of seating available across the two floors. I quite like the thought of a long Sunday afternoon drinking craft beer and playing board games, it would be all rather pleasant.