Gdansk Group Trip – Day 2 (The Rest of the Group Works Out How to Get to Gdansk)


It’s day two and Richard, Steve, Bev and Susanna are making their way to Poland today. Ross and I have had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel and will wait for updates of how the others are getting on. For anyone that’s interested, although I can guess the number, I’ve caught up on sleep after our overnight stay at Stansted Airport yesterday. I’m also pleased to hear that the bar billiards team I’m on had a victorious night yesterday, something that I think will happen quite a lot when I’m not there.

Steve sent this photo, he’s currently stuck in traffic in Norwich. Steve arrives in Gdansk later tonight and we’ll see him tomorrow morning (Friday). Richard has just boarded the British Airways flight to Warsaw after enjoying a morning in the lounge at Heathrow binge drinking Bell’s whisky and eating crisps. We’ll also see Richard tomorrow as he is having a specialist evening in Warsaw before getting the train to Gdansk in the morning. He’s planning to get some vodka to drink on the train, so I hope he doesn’t upset the local commuters.

Bev is spending the morning taking the rubbish out and then doing her headstands as she’s heard that it’ll help her back, whilst Susanna is looking like a Princess without needing to even try. They both get the Ryanair flight early this evening and hopefully we’ll see those two tonight. It’s all coming together now….