Gdansk Group Trip – Day 2 (Rest of Group Update)

Ross and I went to a football stadium tour and then bar today (more on which in a moment), whilst Steve was sitting in a traffic jam. I accept this is of limited interest to most people, but it’s important to prepare the scene for the weekend and the characters who are coming along.

Richard was fine dining on his private jet earlier today.

Bev is seemingly bringing a bag larger than her.

After his decadent flight, Richard has safely arrived at his destination ready for his specialist evening out. He’s going to have some local food first, but I’ve seen no evidence of this yet and so I imagine he’s just gone to KFC.

Bev when she was boarding the train at Norwich railway station.

Susanna looking glamorous once again, she’s now one of the London social set, so was getting the train from the capital.

Susanna safely at Stansted Airport looking even more glamorous than when she had left London.

It is far too hot in Gdansk, but there has been a hail storm in Norwich.

Bev arrived at Stansted and had booked herself a wheelchair to ensure that she can get a reserved table at the JD Wetherspoon outlet at the airport.

At their reserved table and they’ve got two bottles of wine to share between them before they get their Ryanair flight. Susanna was sent to go to the bar whilst Bev had a little lie down at the table, but she had a walking stick so the staff didn’t say anything.

And Steve, like Ross and I, has boarded his train from Norwich to London which is a thriftier option than going direct to Stansted. I can’t imagine what could possibly go wrong over the next few days. Such a shame that Gordon isn’t coming along, but I don’t complain…..