Gdansk Group Trip – Day 2 (Ground of Lechia Gdańsk)


Inspired by the video we’re mentioned in, but refused to star in, we too decided to go to the football ground of Lechia Gdańsk today for a tour.


We had to wait a couple of hours for the tour as the players were training and they could see that I was a football expert, so didn’t want me critiquing their tactics. I discovered there was a McDonald’s nearby, so I was tempted into having a quick jalapeno burger whilst we waited.


The 45 minute tour costs just over £4, which seems excellent value for money to me.


The stadium is designed to be the shape of amber, which Gdansk is known for.


Our first look at the pitch.


The football stadium isn’t far from the docks and the tour guide mentioned the interior was designed with a note towards the cranes which are part of the shipyards.


That’s where the home fans sit. I hadn’t realised, but in Poland the fans are allowed to drink alcohol in the stadium.


The executive box, which costs around £2,000 for a match. This is the sort of thing that Richard would hire out for the day so that he could watch football in great comfort.


Barcelona played here in July 2013 and the players signed a flag. Barcelona played Lionel Messi and debuted Neymar, with the final score being 2-2.


The away changing room.


The showers for the away team.


The recovery room, which is something that I needed after a five a side a couple of weeks ago.


The stadium was built in just three years, which doesn’t surprise me given Polish efficiency, for the Euros in 2012. They were asked to put a chapel into the stadium and they have kept it here, even though the home team don’t really much use it.


Onto the pitch, which is a mixture of artificial and natural grass. I prodded about at the grass and it seemed normal enough to me.


I think that I’d be a rather good football manager.


The goalkeeper’s view. It’s quite like our five a side pitch in many ways.


Trying some of the seats out.


I enjoyed the tour and there were just four of us on it, all British which meant that it given in English. The tour guide apologised for her English, but it was entirely fluent. The tour guide was interesting and I don’t often get to see behind the scenes in a football stadium. It also made for a healthy day out as we walked to and from the centre of Gdansk which is about 45 minutes each way. Definitely recommended, they usually operate throughout the day on the hour from 11:00 onwards.