Gdansk Group Trip – Day 3 (Tawerna Dominikanska)


My restaurant choice for the evening was located in front of the moored up galleon which we had earlier sailed across the seas on. Well, sailed across to Westerplatte, but the principle is the same.


Gold trees with lemons, it was some interesting decor. There was an immediate welcome though and we were given a table which allowed us to look out at the galleon throughout the meal. The interior felt spacious and it remained busy throughout our dine. I had sent Susanna in earlier on to book the table, as she is the most social member of the group, with reservations advisable on weekend evenings.


I’m always content with a Żywiec Porter.


This was delightful, Zurek which is Polish sour rye soup. Realistically this was more food than I needed as a starter, but I enjoy eating the bread whilst progressing down the soup as you can’t usually eat the bowl in restaurants. The soup itself was rich in flavour, the sausages were tender and there was the traditional egg as well, a real combination of tastes and textures. A sustaining meal in itself, Richard also ordered this and I think it’s fair to say that we were both surprised and delighted by it. This was the star of the culinary show for me, I’m back in Norwich now, but I really wouldn’t mind another soup and beer of the quality I received here.


The main course was cod and chips, which perhaps wasn’t entirely original of me, but three of our group ordered it. Ross bought an entire cow at his end of the table as he wanted steak whilst Richard went through some sous vide offering. The fish was fried, although being quite British I would have preferred it to have been battered as well, but I liked the contrasting flavour of the sauerkraut and the chips were salty and firm on the exterior.

Richard decided to put on a little sneezing show for the restaurant, which was lapped up enthusiastically by a nearby table, but our table didn’t of course say anything as we’re ultra polite. I think everyone was suitably impressed with the food, which was reasonably priced and served in large portions. The service was attentive and polite, with the main server being willing to present everyone with their own bill which I thought was very customer service driven as I’m sure that’s a nightmare to faff about with.

The restaurant is located in a touristy area of Gdansk, but I’d say that they’ve avoided becoming a tourist trap and have decided to focus on seafood. The on-line reviews are positive and the prices are reasonable, so I think it’s a safe bet and the views over our galleon (as I’m referring to it) were quite a bonus. Richard and I left at around 22:00 as we had to go to our hotel in Gydnia, whilst the others had a rather shorter walk to get back to their accommodation. I’m told that everyone went back, although I suspect that Bev and Susanna went off to buy a bottle of wine or similar for their room. But I’m not one for gossip.