Gdansk Group Trip – Day 3 (The Galleon Returns)


The galleon sweeping in to take us back to Gdansk after our little exploration of Westerplatte.


Captain Pugwash and his deck hand.


No-one in the group agreed to try and climb up the rigging, despite my offering 20p.


I didn’t know that the National Geographic had a boat, but yet here it is.


More rigging. The galleon was being serenaded by a group of drunk men from Northern Ireland and, rather more quietly, the live singer on board. I regretted both if I’m being honest but I’ve never been one for the raucous. Bev very much enjoyed both and was screeching some sort of shanty related noise to those nearby, but I didn’t say anything as the main objective is to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves. Although perhaps in an ideal world she could have enjoyed herself a little less if I may share my private thoughts on the singing.


The cranes of Gdansk.


Inside the galleon just before we disembarked, or deshipped, whatever the term is.


It was a suitably relaxing trip back and I nearly fell asleep, but luckily Bev’s singing and chatter kept me awake. I’ve got some video of the expedition, I’ll try and compile it together over the next week or so when I’ve worked out to edit videos. I’d recommend the whole galleon tour, it’s reasonably priced and the return fare isn’t much more than a single fare. The live music added some character to proceedings and there is a bar for those who want to enjoy a drink.