Gdansk Group Trip – Day 3 (Craft Beer at Lawendowa 8)


This is a craft beer bar in Gdansk that I haven’t visited before and I’m not sure how I haven’t noticed it. It’s Untappd verified and located at ul. Lawendowa 8, nearly opposite to Pułapka. The interior is quirky, some artwork that Bev liked more than most of us, some cinema seating and a range of different chairs to sit on.


There’s Richard and a red bear. It’s not evident to me which is which from this photo, I’ll let readers decide for themselves.


I started with the Imperial Herr Axolotl with Prickly Pear and Lime from Ale Browar. There was some sourness to this and I liked the fruit flavours.


I asked about some of the tempting options in the fridges, and after discovering I hadn’t tried this one from Funky Fluid’s Gelato series, I eagerly went for it. With a name like Bublanina, I knew that I wouldn’t be disappointed, it was packed with cherry and fruit flavours with a suitable amount of sourness. Quite a complex beer in terms of the number of flavours, it didn’t taste as if it was 5.5%. Once again, I was surprised and delighted by Funky Fluid, perhaps the most innovative brewery that I know.


I took a group photo, but the lighting here is terrible, but it’ll just have to do.

I liked this venue, the service was friendly, there was a well curated beer list, the interior was quirky and they had a red bear. It’s not the largest of venues and they don’t do food, but it has an informal and inviting atmosphere to it. All considered, if I may say so (which I think I can), it was another excellent choice of mine for a pre-meal drink.