Gdansk Group Trip – Day 3 (Słony Spichlerz)


Unfortunately, and rather inevitably, I’ve got behind with trying to write about this weekend given just how busy it has been. I’ve managed to ensure that no-one has had a chance to sit down and think, as we have had too many bars to visit to allow that to happen. Anyway, there is some drama to come, which all adds to the excitement for my two loyal readers. Given that Richard was about to appear I thought we’d go to a slightly decadent food court which I’ve visited before, Słony Spichlerz.


Pizza for lunch always seems a good idea, this is from the Czerwony Piec pizza outlet at the food court and the beer is the Bałtycki Dziad Stout, a very acceptable stout from Alebrowar. Served searingly hot, the pizza was just what I was hoping for in terms of tastes and flavours, with Bev questioning whether I’d made up the phrase of leopard spotting. I hadn’t, but if it isn’t chicken nuggets then her knowledge is a little limited. Ross ordered a vegetarian pizza, for reasons unknown, then quickly and willingly swapped that for some of Bev’s pizza when the opportunity arose. On the bright side, Bev had nothing to complain about, well, other than the font wasn’t to her liking on the menu as she couldn’t easily see the wi-fi code. But, I didn’t say anything.


I think it’s really useful to offer people a venue where they can choose from six or so different food options. Then everyone in the group all has pizza anyway, but as long as there’s happiness all around then that’s fine by me.

After he only got slightly lost, we were finally joined for lunch by Richard, who had enjoyed his specialist evening in Warsaw the night before. He had already eaten several plates of food on his first class rail service, and had experienced a debacle with the luggage storage at Gdansk which he dealt with admirably. He needed change, didn’t have any, couldn’t find an ATM that didn’t require a large withdrawal and then had to find a shop and get the change he needed for the locker. I’d say that he was very brave. That story really deserves its own post, but it’s best to want people leaving more.

Back to the more important matter, this food court is sizeable and has plenty of tempting food options along with an upstairs bar. There’s a fair amount of seating and the prices are towards the higher end of the scale, but they’re still reasonable.