Gdansk – Liberum Hotel

This is from my stay in Gdansk last week, the Hotel Liberum which is centrally located on Ulica Długa (the Long Lane in English). The welcome from the staff member at reception was friendly, and the hotel was all a bit more decadent than I had been expecting.

My room was just £20, which was a single room on the top floor. Compact, but clean and tidy, with the en-suite being a reasonable size.

And the room came with a really quite lovely view of Wieża Więzienna (the Prison Tower), once a major entrance gate into the city. I have been fortunate with my views over Gdansk landmarks on this trip.

This breakfast really did surprise and delight me, this section had cheeses, cold meats, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and salads, all of a good quality. There were also bread rolls, this was just as I like breakfasts to be. There might have been hot options available, but I was entirely content with this.

Not a great photo, but there was another table with pastries, cakes and juices.

There’s a photo of the food, all nicely presented for the few guests that I think the hotel had. This is actually a restaurant in the day, Cafe & Bar Rękawiczka, which I think I visited a few years ago. There’s a back door into the hotel so that guests don’t have to walk all the way around, and they gave me a 10% voucher off food for guests as well.

Breakfast really was a lovely start to the day, although the coffee machine kept breaking down. That minor issue aside, this is a hotel that I’d stay at again, although the low prices that I was fortunate enough to enjoy are unlikely to be repeated very often.

There were no noise issues either internally or externally and it was pleasant to hear the city noise from my fourth floor window. There have been complaints about external noise though, with the hotel putting earplugs into the room for guests. I’m never quite sure that’s a welcome treat for guests to find, but perhaps it’s best to offer them. There is a lift to the upper rooms, although I opted for the stairs in a keen attempt to burn off the calories from the beer that I’d been testing that week.

And with that one-night stay finished, it was time to go to the railway station to go to Elbląg. There’s more information about the hotel here.