Gdansk – Cukiernia Sowa (Madison Shopping Mall)

It’s always worth quickly popping into one of the Cukiernia Sowa outlets when I see one, in this case inside the Madison Shopping Mall in Gdansk. The service was polite and engaging as usual, all very friendly. There was the usual wide selection of cakes, pastries, ice creams and the like, all neatly presented and suitably tempting.

As an aside, it’s hard to know where to sit at the moment in some places as every other table in many locations has a sign saying not to use, but then people sit at that one anyway and confuse the system of social distancing. The Polish seem to be more guilty of not reading things than not wanting to comply with things. Anyway, that dilemma aside, the environment in this shop was peaceful, despite its shopping mall location, and everything was clean and ordered.

The very rich and decadent hot chocolate, something I’d rather Pret introduced in the UK to replace their current more lacklustre offering. And the chocolate eclair which was light and chocolately, and probably containing a large number of calories.

There’s probably not much more I can add to previous things I’ve written about this chain, although it reminds me that I forgot again to go to their new outlet in London. I’ll try and remember for next time. All really rather lovely and moderately priced.