Malbork – Hotel Centrum

I was at this hotel for a couple of nights whilst visiting Malbork and it has a slightly odd location on the top floor of a shopping centre. It’s quite a neat arrangement though, there is an external entrance and a private lift for the guests to the third floor. The breakfast room, and apparently sometimes restaurant in the evening, is in the centre of the third floor with the room located around it. The welcome was friendly and the environment felt comfortable. Incidentally, it’s also possible to get to the hotel area through the shopping centre’s cafe and I think it was likely accessible via a roped off internal staircase, but I didn’t go rummaging as I’m not a brave urban explorer.

The slightly odd shaped room is because it’s on the corner of the building, with the very slightest views of Malbork Castle and a much wider view of the petrol station. The air conditioning worked perfectly well, although there were also plenty of windows to open if required. There were also no noise disturbances either internally or externally, although I was right at the far end of the hotel and wasn’t likely to hear much from inside.

The en suite bathroom, with everything being clean and organised.

I thought the wood effect sink was quite attractive.

There was a free chocolate left on the towels, so I was won over straight over.

The breakfast arrangement in the morning, with cakes, salads, rolls, cold meats and the like. The breakfast only starts at 08:00, which is unusually late for a Polish hotel, and I’m not sure how long it was served for.

The cold meats display. I’m really not one for Polish hot breakfasts and I can’t say that the ones here looked at all appetising. The effectively raw bacon in one container looked horrendous to me, but I’m sure it’s delicious to many people.

The rolls, pickled onions, pickled gherkins, cheese and salad and so on, all very appetising. Plenty of orange juice available and there’s a coffee machine and wide selection of teas. The breakfast room, and indeed the hotel, didn’t really feel very busy, but I’m not sure that Malbork’s prime tourist season is January.

The on-line reviews for the hotel are all broadly positive, with most complaints being about the wi-fi arrangement. Those complaints were justified judging by my stay, as the wi-fi was hopeless, although I didn’t really need to connect to it so it wasn’t an inconvenience. All told, I liked this hotel and it’s only a five minute walk away from the castle, and I think they will help sort entrance tickets out judging from some posters I noticed in the lift. Everything was as expected, other than the wi-fi, with the prices being moderate.

There’s further information about the hotel here.