Gdansk – Czerwony Piec (Słony Spichlerz)

This is the pizza option at the Słony Spichlerz food court in Gdansk. There were plenty of food venues to choose from, but I do like pizza…..

There’s the English menu, the pizzas cost between £4 and £6. They give you a buzzer so you know when to go and collect the pizza, which is handy if the nearest seat that you can find is a little bit of a way from the counter. The staff member was helpful and friendly, with the ordering process being easy to understand.

I went for the N’Duja pizza and it was really rather lovely, with generous toppings, a reasonably large size and lots of delicious spicy sausage. The pizza base was thin and crispy, the tomato sauce was rich and actually quite decadent, with the cheese not being too overpowering. It’s prepared in the wood fired oven and that gives it some nice blackening, and the base they used seems to be of a good quality.

There were a selection of beers available as well, which were fine for my needs, nothing exceptional but there were some options that I haven’t tried before and so that interested me. The surroundings are clean and comfortable, with the whole set-up feeling organised and well managed. A rather decent final lunch in Gdansk, which is handy as I had saved a visit here until last as a little farewell treat…..