Gdansk Group Trip – Day 0 (Will this Train be Operating?)


The excitement is increasing, our train is just a couple of hours away from departing but there has been heavy rain with reports of delays on the train track near Romford. We’re on the last train from London Liverpool Street to Stansted Airport with only 30 minutes to play with at Liverpool Street, so a delay is sub-optimal to say the least. Anyway, Ross and I have started our trip with a quick trip to the Queen of Iceni in Norwich, I’ve had the little burger and salad as I’m very health conscious like that.


My drink came after the food was served, but I’m not one to complain and just privately seethed that I had eaten my little burger and salad just as the drink arrived. The meal came with the 500ml can of Tin Man from Williams Brothers Brewing Co, a very agreeable hazy IPA.


A balanced diet is important, so here are some Mini Cheddars along with half a pint of Reedlighter from Woodforde’s Brewery. The good news is that the delays on the track near Romford seem to have gone away, they’ve fixed the flooding, which means we should be getting into Stansted on time. I’m very excited about this whole Polish trip even though my very wealthy friend Gordon isn’t going, we’re about to leave for the railway station now to see what delights and surprises the rail network will bring us.