Gdansk Group Trip – Day 0

How exciting, it’s a group trip this week to Gdansk, with six of us going to this quite marvellous city. Of course, nothing is simple, Ross and I are departing by train this evening whilst the others arrive at random times during the week. Everyone is flying with Ryanair to Gdansk other than Richard who has hired a private jet or something to take him to Warsaw and then a first class train to Gdansk. How the other half live….

Here’s my scribbling down an itinerary that will likely change numerous times, but showing my commitment to organisational excellence. We have museums, bars, restaurants, bars, a boat trip, bars, trams, bars, cathedrals, bars, churches, bars and pizzerias. I have already whetted my appetite by looking at to see what beers are being sold in Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot at the moment. I am beyond excited at just how many tempting sours there are across the city and very excitingly, I’ve discovered there’s an outlet of PINTA in Sopot.

I’ve missed Poland and if any of the other five going don’t enjoy Gdansk then they’re idiots and I am unanimous in that. And for anyone interested, which I readily accept is likely below one in number, the photo on this page is from my trip last year to Pikawa in Gdansk.