Gdansk Group Trip – Day 4 (Labeerynt Bar Again)


I’ve written about this bar numerous times before, it’s one of the best craft beer locations in Gdansk. Although I think Richard thought the whole of Gdansk would be watching Eurovision, I was confident not many Polish bars would be too engaged with it, but I was delighted when we arrived and it wasn’t overly busy and there were absolutely no screens. I went for the Sinister Smoke from Palatum, a rich and smoky but smooth 8.3% imperial porter.


Richard had purchased a £25 bottle of something decadent and he was so excited, or perhaps drunk but it’s not for me to say, he smashed his glass and caused a spillage. Bev rushed to assist as she’s very pro-active and helpful like that.


Ross was less bothered in assisting if I’m being honest. I was busy recording the moment for this blog, so I unfortunately couldn’t help deal with the crisis.


And here’s the expensive drink that Richard acquired, which I must say wasn’t too bad at all as I thought I’d better taste test it for him. After an hour or so of gossiping, Richard and I had to get back to Gdynia, whilst the others had a short walk to their hotel. Bev won the prize for being my favourite member of the group with a series of lovely things she said. I’ll invite her on trips again in the future….


As an aside, after a brief worry that we had missed our last train, Richard and I only had a wait of two or three minutes before a delayed train took us back to Gdynia. It was busy but there was a congenial atmosphere on the train, which I have to say isn’t always the case with some of the late night trains in the UK. But, I digress, it was the end of another lovely day.