Gdansk Group Trip – Day 2 (Labeerynt Bar)


I’ve been to this bar before and won’t add substantially to what I wrote following my last visit, but I like recording blackboards with beer lists.


This cellar bar is one of my favourite locations and I’ll be bringing the rest of the group here later on during this little adventure.


As I’ve frequently mentioned, I adore Funky Fluid beers and this was a competent wheat beer. I didn’t get the fishy notes that some people reviewing the beer found, but there was some element of banana going on and it all felt suitably rustic to me.


The Strawberry Mochi from Piwne Podziemie was delightful, a sour with a strong aroma of strawberries and an almost smoothie taste of them. Maybe there was just a slight artificial edge to the flavour, but it was smooth and I was sufficiently surprised and delighted by the richness of the taste. I’ve had eight beers from this brewery over the years, it’s an agreeable and reliable option for anyone who sees their beers.

I’ll definitely be back, this is a wonderful bar and the service was welcoming as ever. Oh, and for completion, Ross had the Pils which I think he rather liked.