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Food from Every Stall on Norwich Market – Week 18 and ‘And Eat It’


And next up in my series of eating at every food stall at Norwich market which is ‘And Eat It’ who specialise in homemade cookies, cakes and brownies.


I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth (although I can eat eight chicken bakes from Greggs, such is my savoury tooth) and so a lunch of a cake isn’t what I would usually opt for, but this market food investigation has to be rigorous and thorough with those filled cookies being particularly tempting. I narrowed my choice down to between the Lemon Meringue and the Milky Way options, with the latter proving to be the one which sounded the most decadent to me.


The welcome was immediate and friendly, although I was a little surprised that when James asked for a recommendation they didn’t explain what was available meaning he only discovered too late that there was an option he would have rather gone for. I was intrigued at just how wide the range was, there’s no shortage of choice here. It was an inviting and informal stand, I can imagine children must be surprised and delighted when they walk by here. I was overcharged, but the team members resolved it quickly and they accept cards and cash. Everything looked spotlessly clean and organised, with the cakes all being well presented.


The Rocky Road options, which is what James would have opted for if he had seen them. He likes bricks of chocolate, whereas I have a more delicate requirement. The slices of cookie pies are visible on the bottom shelf and they looked decadent for those who like big heaps of sugary treats. I did think that some of those product names might get Julian another Facebook ban if he posted about them.


My Milky Bar option with the cookie element seeming fresh and it had the rich taste that I had expected. I hadn’t expected the centre of the cookie itself to also replicate the Milky Bar, meaning it had a deeper depth of taste than I had anticipated. Although I inevitably felt the sugar rush, it didn’t taste too sickly or sweet, I thought that the overall flavour worked well. This cost £3 and I felt that was entirely reasonable given the quality of the food, so no complaints here on that.


James went for the Toblerone and Daim cookie, which he was complimentary about and I felt that it was the option that Alan Partridge would have gone for as well.

Overall, this stall has a strong reputation and they have been going for several years. The quality of the food was high with plenty of options. For anyone wanting to buy a present for someone, this is an ideal choice and I can imagine most children and chocolate lovers would be suitably and delighted by the gift. Gifting food treats is never easy, it wouldn’t feel appropriate to dump some chips on someone, but this kind of decadent treat is far more acceptable. Anyway, I digress. It’s not quite what I’d order for lunch under normal circumstances, but it was an enjoyable treat which highlights the range of food that is available at Norwich Market.