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Food from Every Stall on Norwich Market – Week 7 and Churros for the People

This is the seventh week of our plan to eat at every food stall at Norwich market this year.


We arrived at the stall just as they were setting up, so we hung back to analyse the menu. I was delighted to see just how extensive this menu was, as I had initially thought it might just be limited to the churros which are mentioned in the stall’s name. This menu consists some of the standard main items as well as some of the specials, with some very tempting options such as the surf ‘n’ turf option which had chorizo and king prawns flash fried in lemon and chilli, served in a ciabatta roll.


The drinks menu.


The tapas menu.


Some drinks specials and we were both tempted by that honey beer.


Nathan excitedly surveying the surroundings. This is one of the stalls at the market which has its own seating area, something which is very useful and makes it feel a bit more of a premium experience as opposed to being attacked by a pigeon in the outer undefended areas of the market. The surfaces in the stall were all clean and dry with nothing feeling sticky.


Orders in and the food was freshly prepared in front of us.


Revolution and rebellion!


Nathan’s scrambled eggs and chorizo served with a couple of slices of bread. He liked it although commented that for £5.50 it could have perhaps been a little more generous in portion size, particularly with the bread. I have some sympathy with that, the marginal cost of giving a little more would have been smaller, but beneficial to the meal. But remaining with the positives, he liked the chorizo and the taste of the meal, so was mostly content. Although he did go and get an apple turnover afterwards from M&S, which is a reminder of how middle class he is.


And here’s mine, a soft toasted ciabatta with spicy Brindisa chorizo, rocket, manchego cheese and piquillo peppers. I was very pleased with the soft bun, I don’t like eating through rock hard bread. Every component part of the ingredients inside the ciabatta had a depth of taste, this was a delightful mixtures of tastes. The chorizo was rich, juicy and packed with flavour, the rocket added a little texture, the peppers added sweetness and the cheese added an extra bit of refinement. It’s a generously sized lump of a lunch, I was very pleased with this and didn’t feel the need to go and buy an apple turnover.


The exterior of the ciabatta roll along with the La Socarrada beer that we each ordered. I’ll pinch Nathan’s Untappd comment about this:

“Lots of honey and spicy goodness in this, and the addition of rosemary gives this a warming earthiness too”.

I didn’t even taste the rosemary. He’s getting like Roger Protz with his tasting ability.


Although we were the first customers at the stall, a variety of locals and visitors were seated during our time there. With the best will in the world, very few stalls in Norwich market really get near to transporting me to another place. The Chinese a few weeks ago from China Wok didn’t make me think of Shanghai or Beijing, but I have to say that this stall did feel like a little slice of a Spanish market. There was an extensive range of authentic food and drinks which were more than I would have expected from a stall of this size and it had an inviting and homely atmosphere.

The prices were moderate given the quality that was being offered, with the service being polite and timely. We were never hurried along and the server was doing well coping with different orders and engaging with customers. The server was content to split out bills so that we paid separately and we were able to pay by card. I’m glad that we’ve set out on this expedition of various market stalls as I would have missed this one out which would have been my loss. All very lovely and full credit for making this feel like an authentic Spanish experience, it’s somewhere that I’d like to visit again and I think Nathan was in agreement with that (as in him coming again, not just me).