2023 Lisbon Trip (Day Three – Tram 28)


I took what is perhaps an obligatory photo for tourists which is of the number 28 tram in Lisbon, a tram line which has been in existence since 1914. To accentuate the vintage theme, the trams that operate the line are from the 1930s to ensure that there’s a heritage feel as it goes through the windy and narrow streets of the city centre.


We didn’t go on the 28 tram as it always looked too busy when we were near it, I think it requires some pre-planning to join it at either end of its route, but here’s a photo of a somewhat spacious tram that we did go on in Lisbon. Bev looks suitably excited by the whole thing. Here’s an interesting article on Wikipedia about the history of the trams in the city right from the beginning in 1873, meaning it’s their 150th anniversary this year.