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Food from Every Stall on Norwich Market – Week 5 and Henry’s Hog Roast

This is the fifth week of our plan to eat at every food stall at Norwich market this year.

WEEK 5 : Henry’s Hog Roast


If I’m being honest, I did have some doubts about whether I’d enjoy the food here as I’m quite picky with pork in terms of fatty bits, although Nathan was much more excited about the whole arrangement. We had a bit of a wait in the queue as the customer in front ordered four pork rolls, but the owner was efficient at preparing them and it gave us some time to look at the food. Nathan listened in, as he’s like that, to the conversation the owner was having with them in front and his plans for the future. The welcome given to us was friendly and informal, it felt an inviting place with an owner who didn’t want to take life too seriously.


I think at busier times there might be a wider choice of meats, but it was best to try the food that the stall is known for. That food is pork served in a choice of roll with apple sauce, crackling and stuffing. The signage probably isn’t going to win any design awards, but it’s a market and it’s clear what they’re selling. Everything was clear and organised, with Nathan being right in saying that the owner has some decent knife skills.


There was a generous amount of pork and I was delighted, given how bloody picky I am, that the owner was careful to remove any fatty pieces before serving. I was relieved at this policy, the pork was tender and tasty and I didn’t have to pick any bits of fat out. I don’t like crackling, but Nathan excitedly had my bit which was included in the roll. It would be easy to fill this roll up with fatty and skinny bits, but the owner didn’t do that and so I was suitably impressed. Nathan took much longer to eat his roll than me, but I can add that he enjoyed it and was reminded of the many times that he’s visited in the past.

The roll costs £5 and I think that’s reasonable given the quality and quantity of the pork, as it can’t be cheap to buy these joints of meat in. It must also be a little difficult trying to ascertain how much meat to have prepared, although I assume that challenge becomes easier with experience. The stall accepts cash and cards, with the owner having a laid-back approach which came across to me as personable and welcoming. Nathan, who is a social butterfly, was busy socialising with him which was handy as it saved me doing it. All told, I would visit here again, it surpassed my expectations and that does explain why there was quite a queue forming behind us. Another recommended stall to eat at and I’m pleased to have tried it. For anyone who fancies a pork and crackling roll when they’re in Norwich, they could do far worse than come here.