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Food from Every Stall on Norwich Market – Week 22 and Lucy’s Chips


When Nathan and I started our challenge of eating at every food stall at Norwich market, James questioned what the point was as we should just declare Lucy’s chips the winner straight away. Nathan, quite correctly and soberly, thought it was probably better to visit all of the food stalls before making that judgement. Rolling on, it’s James that I’m now completing these visits with and it’s the first time that one of the two Lucy’s stalls has come up. I had high hopes, James and I have been visiting Lucy’s for some considerable time, albeit the other stall that they operate on the market.


The food items, which give the option of pies, mushy pies and sausages to the core food group that is chips. I hadn’t realised that they had partly branded this as a mushy peas stall and I was tempted to go for that, but then I saw the butcher’s sausage and remember how much I like that. So many choices….


I saw the Steak & Guinness pie that comes with gravy and chips for £5.50. I had to go with that, as gravy is the best thing to go with chips and the pie sounded suitably decadent. The service was friendly, even when I got muddled up with the ordering and tried to order a Steak & Kidney pie, which isn’t something they do. They accept cash and cards, with the whole process being efficient and timely even though I confused it somewhat along the way.

As for the food, this was on point and just what I consider market cuisine should be like. The pie is locally sourced, it had generous amounts of tender steak in and the sauce had a richness of taste to it. The gravy complemented the chips beautifully and this was a filling and suitably decadent lunch. For the money they’re charging, this is very competitive.


James went for the chips with curry sauce, he’s a bit more modern in his tastes than I am, I’ve decided I might make a move permanently to gravy with chips (I’ll have to break that gently to James, we’ve been doing curry sauce for decades and the change might shock him). James was surprised and delighted with his meal. Well, not necessarily surprised as he’s had their chips around 500 times, but definitely delighted.


It’s not a great photo unfortunately, but there are some doughnuts for dessert as well, but I felt I had eaten enough already at this point. We were able to eat at the stall as they had a ledge to lean on, with everything clean and organised. The standards were as we hoped for and this is definitely a contender in being the best stall at Norwich Market. All really rather lovely and it’ll come as no surprise that I recommend this delightful food stall.