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Liverpool Weekend (Day Two) – Moiim Korean Deli


After a busy forty minutes walking around Tate Liverpool feeling confused, we decided to find some food to reinvigorate ourselves and we went for the Moiim Korean Deli. This very well reviewed cafe is located on Berry Street and it felt bright and open, with just enough seating for our group. The service was immediate and friendly, with the environment feeling warm and inviting.


As I was the most hungry, I went first to ensure I didn’t have to wait as long for my food. That didn’t work out as all the food came out together, but it’s always worth a try.


The menu and I went for the Yangneyom Chicken rice bowl. I perhaps should have tried a Korean corn dog as a few customers came in and mentioned that they had seen them on Instagram. Indeed, the food here seemed very Instagrammable, they make something of an effort with the presentation.


And a can of Fanta. It was too hot, although I might have mentioned that, but we got a bit of a breeze from the street given the windows were entirely open. This is a fast casual dining environment with limited seating, but it obtained a fair few customers during the time we were here so it appears to be popular. The surfaces in the cafe were clean, with everything feeling well maintained.


The chicken was suitably delicious, it was tender and moist with the coating having plenty of flavour. It wasn’t particularly spicy, but I liked the depth of taste and the rice was cooked well, with what I think is pickled radish adding an extra sourness and crunch. The limitation for me is that the rice made it quite dry, I felt that it needed a sauce or soy sauce to just jazz the whole arrangement up a bit. As it was, there was perhaps too much rice compared to the chicken, but it was a filling lunch and I would certainly come here again if I was in the area.

I will note here that Bev used her skills, since she has travelled Asia relatively extensively, to use the chopsticks to eat her meal. Steve tried and had some limited success, but it was all too much for me and since my attempts in the past have ended in near disaster, so I stuck to the traditional western implements. I think that we all left content after the meal and it was something a little different.