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Liverpool Weekend (Day One) – Nothing Wrong with a Meal Deal


I only mention this meal deal that I got from Tesco because Bev seemed to find it the height of hilarity the next day. But, as I’ve mentioned, she doesn’t get out much and she’s gone through a lot of physical trauma so I’m not sure sometimes that she’s mentally all there. Gordon mentioned that she often sits cackling watching videos of people falling over, but anyway, I won’t gossip further on this blog. Steve and I meandered into the Tesco in just enough time, as they announced they were closing.

I won’t mention a certain friend’s name as he might not be humoured by my ‘witty’ prose, but I managed to stomp (privately only obviously, I’m British) in a manner that I think he would have been impressed by when I discovered the lack of prawn mayo sandwiches and the lack of Skips. But, I was pleased with what transpired to be my midnight snack, it had been a long day and it was inevitably going to be a long Saturday as well.

Well, pleased until I discovered there were no spoons in the hotel room and I had to fashion a fork out of paper. Slightly sub-optimal, but I’m not one for complaining.