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Liverpool Weekend (Day One) – Ye Cracke Pub


The next pub on the itinerary was the Good Beer Guide listed ‘Ye Cracke’ pub, perhaps most notable for being a haunt of the young John Lennon. There’s also a plaque on the wall to The Dissenters, a band of sorts which included John Lennon, Bill Harry, Stuart Sutcliffe and Rod Murray.


The pub was busy so it was a little difficult to take too many photos, but here’s the inside of the front window. Readers can build their own story up here about how it’s likely John Lennon looked out of it or something…. It saves me being creative when my two loyal readers build up their own picture of a pub.


A brief moment of quiet at the bar. The service was friendly and efficient, with the venue feeling more of a locals’ pub, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t welcoming. The prices were reasonable and the pub itself was clean and organised.


The Sun isn’t the most popular newspaper in Liverpool for numerous reasons, but mostly the Hillsborough disaster reporting in 1989.


I had a couple of beers, nothing really of note but they were well-kept. The Dangerous Dave from Empire Brewing sounded promising though, but I’m not sure where the danger came in. That’s not Dave in the photo, that’s Steve.


Bev helpfully collected up some chairs from around the pub so we could sit at the end of a table meaning we could then all spend some considerable time gossiping about matters in general. This is the first time that Bev and Steve had visited Liverpool and their first impressions were positive. I’ve been a few times, but never before to this pub, which had a traditional and back street feel to it.

The pub is generally well reviewed on-line and it had a lively, but safe, atmosphere when we visited. There were some slightly different beers to the norm and there is a heritage element given the John Lennon link, so there are worse places in the area to visit.