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Liverpool Weekend (Day Two) – Museum of Liverpool – Amiga


There’s something moderately alarming about seeing objects from my childhood which are now in museums, as I refuse to accept any evidence that I might be getting older. But, with my very happy memories of the Amiga, it’s always positive to see one. The relevance here is that Striker was made by Rage Games, who were a video game developer from Liverpool who were in operation between 1992 and 2003. Apparently one of the things that brought them down was the David Beckham franchise of games, evidence that they should have focused on a Neville Southall franchise instead which would have been far better.

On a tangent, a few of us visited the National Videogame Museum in Sheffield several years ago (that was one of my rather good ideas if I may say so), which led to me wanting to visit the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge although I haven’t quite made it there yet. I suppose I should visit with my friend Richard, as one of his many claims to fame is that he wrote software for the Amiga in the 1990s (he’s much older than me, and he has found evidence that he is getting much older, but I digress in case he reads this). The Cambridge museum appears to have a lot of Amigas in their collections, I can relive my youth once again.