Norwich Market Food

Food from Every Stall on Norwich Market – Week 6 and Ruby’s

This is the sixth week of our plan to eat at every food stall at Norwich market this year.


Once again, I was unsure what to expect in terms of the quality of this venue but the menu looked suitably enticing. They sell burgers, BLTs, toasties, pastries and hot rolls, with the pricing being towards the lower end of the scale. The service was friendly and welcoming with the stall being busy when we were there, although the wait time was minimal. I was pleased to note that they took cards and I went for the burger at £3.50 and the sausage roll at £1.30.


Nathan went for the BLT and this looked very decent (the BLT, not Nathan). I’m reluctant to orders BLTs as I’m fussy with bacon and it’s not worth the hassle opening it up to remove the fat, but it wouldn’t have been a problem here as they were using proper bacon and serving it crispy just as I like it. For £3 this was good value for money and it exceeded Nathan’s expectations which is always a bonus.


My burger, which I had gone for without cheese. This was much better than my expectations, it was served in a large bun, it was a meaty and juicy burger with salad adding texture and onions adding extra flavour. I was suitably impressed, they could have taken short cuts with the BLT and burger, but they didn’t and they were clearly keen to ensure that the food actually had a depth of flavour and taste.


The sausage roll was warmed up for me and it tasted OK, nothing exceptional, but for the price it seemed perfectly reasonable.

This is one of the stalls that I would come back to, I liked the friendly staff, the efficient service, the freshness of the food and most importantly of all, it tasted decent and was keenly priced. For a cafe set-up, I can see why this stall has clearly attracted itself some regular customers, I was suitably surprised and delighted. There’s some background to why the stall has the name it does at