Gdansk – Etno Cafe

Sundays are designed for craft beer or cafes (and religion for those that want – I don’t judge), and I was happy to follow this tradition by doing both. It’s important to support a broad range of hospitality sectors in Gdansk, I’m happy to do that.

This was a slightly busier cafe than my photos suggest, I had to wait for people to leave before taking them. The surroundings are pleasant, I particularly liked the books. Reading the news, I was puzzling over the situation in Ukraine that was unfolding when I was sitting here as well, I was thinking about going back to Kyiv next week, but I think I might wait to see what happens first as I’m not into danger travel. Anyway, that’s enough politics for the blog.

This is a surprisingly interesting way to people watch. I suspect that I need to get out more if things have come to this, but there we go.

I ordered at the counter in my usual broken Polish, which went better than usual, although I set the bar very low on these encounters. I was given a buzzer so that I knew when to collect the food and I like it when things are kept simple like this. It took them 12 minutes to prepare my coffee and cake which seemed quite a long time, but I was in no rush at all.

This photo is something of an optical illusion. That’s a large slice of cake and it’s almost a bucket sized cup of coffee, although to be fair, I did order a large latte. The prices were expensive for Poland, coming in at just over £5.50, which was quite decadent of me, but the peanut butter cake was delicious and the latte was one of the best that I’ve had. This was quite fortunate as I had about a litre of it to get through.

I liked this cafe, it was laid-back, informal and I stayed for a quite a while getting work done. They serve slightly more substantial meals, but I was happy with my cake which tasted moist and so seemed fresh. Friendly surroundings, a peaceful environment, good food and drink, definitely a recommended way to spend part of a Sunday afternoon.