Elbląg – Kawiarnia Amarena

There was a cold wind blowing through Elbląg and since the craft beer bar wasn’t yet open, this cafe was suitably tempting. The city isn’t busy at the moment, which at least has the advantage that just about every cafe has seats available.

I dithered for perhaps longer than was reasonable in choosing a cake, although I noticed other customers equally perplexed about which option to go for. The options all looked tempting and they were neatly displayed, with the prices clearly indicating the cost per slice or the cost by weight. The service was welcoming and personable, I liked the informality of this cafe.

The cafe is also well reviewed on-line, although I did agree with the individual who commented that there were a lack of individual cakes such as eclairs. I could have done with an eclair and there’s no Cukiernia Sowa nearby to satiate that craving.

I’ve now decided that every latte should come with a little meringue on it, which is something that Pret should definitely pick up on. Perfectly decent coffee and yet another fruit cake, which is endlessly healthy of me. All nicely presented and the atmosphere in the cafe was inviting and peaceful. There were a few other customers around, but the cafe was never overly busy, but I can imagine this is a bustling environment during the summer months when the tourists are meandering about around the area.