Elbląg – Wielokran Absztyfikant

One of my go to web-sites for craft beer in Poland is https://ontap.pl/, which lists the various beers that venues have and links to their Untappd scores and it has numerous other features. There’s only one location listed in Elbląg, which meant that it would feel amiss if I didn’t visit it. It’s also very well reviewed and I get the impression it dominates the craft beer scene in the city.

It was empty of customers when I came into the bar, but it got busier later on. The atmosphere was inviting, the staff member was helpful and there were eight different beers available across a range of beer styles. The beers are chalked up on boards behind the bar and there are also samples of each visible which helps identify the type of beer it is.

In the photo is the Portermass Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla and Cinnamon from Browar PINTA and I’ve had several from that brewery over the years, but this is the best. Although we’re a bit part the Christmas period now, the mixture of chocolate and cinnamon on top of a rich imperial Baltic stout is a decadent treat. It’s 11%, but it was smooth given that alcoholic volume, a very drinkable beer.

I also ordered the Juicilicious from Piwne Podziemie and then realised on Untappd that I’d had this before a few months ago in Warsaw. When I order a beer again without checking if I’ve had it before, I just have to hope that I liked it last time, and in this case, I very much did. It’s a decent hazy IPA with a citrus and hoppy taste.

This venue doesn’t do food other than some crisps and nuts, and I could have done with a pizza or the like to go with the beer. The environment was welcoming, so it’s a venue to linger at, and I liked the beer options available, nicely curated. The prices were reasonable and as they’ve been going for a couple of years and are still trading, it seems like they’re doing well, so hopefully they’ll be trading for many years to come. I was pleased that I came here, an on-trend and well managed bar.