Santiago de Compostela – Cafe Blu

This cafe near to the centre of Santiago de Compostela doesn’t look particularly exciting from the outside, but it looked quite homely inside.

A selection of the wines that were available, the cafe was relatively busy and the atmosphere was comfortable. I usually have the issue of having no clue whether to order at the counter or wait at the table, but the ordering process seemed logical here with table service being offered. Although I still sit there at the table looking at my phone trying to look casual and in control of the situation, whilst secretly wondering whether I should be ordering at the counter….

A seating area which perhaps wasn’t entirely functional. There’s also an external seating garden to the back of the cafe which seemed quite pleasant.

The cappuccino with complimentary heart shaped biscuit, with the coffee being at the appropriate hot temperature and having a suitably rich taste. The coffee cost €2, which is a reasonable price given the location. The service was polite and helpful, with the staff member speaking English which is always useful for me.

The cafe offers 30% off their food for anyone who books via The Fork, which has perhaps made their food prices artificially high to compensate for that generosity. The cake selection looked decent, although the prices were a little high.