Elbląg – Museum of Archaeology and History (15th Century Glasses)

These glasses with green lenses date from the early fifteenth century and are amongst the displays at the Museum of Archaeology and History in Elbląg. I use the phrase “a remarkable survival” relatively regularly, and given the history of the city, it’s something of a surprise that they have survived the last 600 years or so. They were found in an archaeological dig in the city, and unsurprisingly, they were the only undamaged pair of glasses that were found. Even more exciting (excitement is relative I admit, but I’m sure that the archaeologists were thrilled) they suspect they know who the owner of the glasses was, likely Nicholas Vilelype, a wealthy merchant and politician who lived in Elbląg.

The reason that I found these glasses of particular interest are that they wouldn’t be entirely unfashionable today, the green adds a certain depth to the design and they’re a little John Lennon as well. It’s a look back in time though to think that these glasses were once an important, and expensive, item that an individual living 600 years ago was wearing in the city.