Elbląg – Molto Bene

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Elbląg, but it became evident immediately just how repaired it needed to be following the destruction of the Second World War. A fair amount of imagination is needed to picture the Hanseatic city as it once was and much of the reconstruction took place towards the end of the twentieth century and that is noticeable. Anyway, those initial impressions aside, my first place to visit in what is a new location for me was the cafe of Molto Bene which is in the historic old market area of the city.

There was an old world charm to the interior and the staff member was welcoming and friendly. I was the only customer she had during my visit, with the exception of someone who purchased a coffee to takeaway. These places are doing well to open with all the limitations that they have at the moment, but it’s sad to see any cafe with such little lunchtime trade.

I went for a large latte and a rather delicious meringue with fruit on top. I was entirely delighted with my healthy fruit option, with what I think was a mango puree and the firm exterior of the meringue and the melt away inside added some sweetness to the arrangement. All nicely presented, although they probably need new cups as they’re slightly chipped.

There was certainly no issues with the quality of the food and drink here, nor was the welcome anything other than friendly. I hope that they get a suitable surge of custom in the summer months to make up for these challenging times.