Welcome to my little blog, created primarily as I keep forgetting where I’ve been. OK, that’s not the greatest reason to create a blog, but it does me. I like history, quirky things, adventure (not too much), trains, planes, fast food, slow food, craft beer and walking.

So there’s lots about the LDWA 100 that I’m hoping to walk with a friend in 2021. I’m the national communications officer for the LDWA (long distance walkers), so I mention this quite a lot….

I like random as well, so a friend and I are also doing our version of the GeoGuessr challenge, where we get given a random location in the UK and then we just go there. The theory is that there’s an interesting story to be told wherever the destination.

There’s also stuff about Accor Hotels who I stay at quite a lot, as well as flights and lounges which are mostly all about British Airways. I’m also slowly working my way around pubs listed in CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide.

Talking of 100s, here’s the last 100 posts, to give a flavour of the torrent of piffle I’m capable of (and some interesting bits along the way I think for anyone who can sift through everything).

Finally, I’m from Norfolk, so there’s quite a lot about that too….

My pub of the year (an award not exactly internationally recognised just yet) in 2019, the Hop and Vine in Hull, who kindly put this on their board   🙂

Recent Flights

British Airways (Heathrow T5 to Warsaw)

This is BA A320 G-EUYR after arriving into Warsaw Chopin Airport, an aircraft which has been in the BA fleet

Heathrow T5 (BA Galleries South Lounge)

Although I’ve been to this lounge many times before, I usually go straight to the B Gates lounge as it’s

British Airways – Future of Gatwick

It’s not looking great for London Gatwick Airport, my flight from there to Faro in March 2021 with British Airways

British Airways – G-CIVD and the Retirement of the 747-400s

The photo above is from the press office of British Airways and is of G-CIVD today, on its last flight



Malta – South Eastern Region – Valletta – Wild Honey

Wild Honey is a small craft beer bar in the centre of Valletta and I think it’s fair to say


Malta – South Eastern Region – Valletta – Beer Cave

There aren’t a large number of craft beer bars in Valletta, or indeed in Malta, so it wasn’t too onerous