Sheffield – Unit

Our choice of dining location for our first evening in Sheffield was the burger restaurant Unit. I think that it’s fair to say that it’s not in the most salubrious of locations, and Liam was unsure at first whether he had actually navigated us to the right place. However, inside this restaurant is on-trend, modern and the atmosphere was clean and comfortable. I quite liked the chipboard walls in the restaurant, although I understand that opinion is a little divided on this matter.

The menu, which was of a limited size, usually a positive sign. The service here was excellent, with the staff member being engaging, attentive and helpful. The only time where we got marginally confused was when no-one told us to pay at the counter, rather than to wait at the table. But, otherwise, the whole process was seamless. There was a marginal problem that some of us, namely Liam and Scott, had eaten beforehand as they got over-excited, but we all managed to order and get through a main course.

I went for the Buff Ting chicken burger and this was way above average, well presented, a fair portion size and all at the appropriate hot temperature. The chicken was tender and moist, with the coating being rich and flavourful. The gherkins were battered and complemented the meal well, with the fries being firm on the exterior and slightly fluffy on the interior. The salad elements added texture and the mayo added flavour, with the whole meal representing good value for money. I was the only one of the five of us to go for a chicken burger, but I’m reliably informed that the beef burgers were also excellent.

I have to admit that I failed to notice at the time that the promised coleslaw wasn’t served with the burger, something I’ve only realised as there are several other complaints on-line about this made against the restaurant.

A tempting range of ice creams were at the front counter. Unit isn’t licensed, so there aren’t any alcoholic drinks, with their dining atmosphere being somewhere between a fast food outlet and a restaurant, although it was spacious and table service was offered.

Overall, all very lovely, failing solely on missing the coleslaw from the meal which is a little bizarre since it seems to be such a common complaint made against the restaurant. The restaurant is also doing well as there have been 150 reviews for them on TripAdvisor and they haven’t yet picked up a 1 out of 5 star, which is quite an achievement in itself.